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Three Things Successful Expats Do

When we’re moving to a new destination to embrace a new adventure or just because it’s the best opportunity for our families we often fantasied about our new homes. Our initial assumption is that if it’s abroad, it must be exciting.  But the truth is most new things are appealing because they are a novelty.  If you have lived in many different places by now you know that this initial phase will pass and order to adapt well and thrive anywhere it takes more than the expat excitement.

The Three Things Successful Expats Do During the First Week
  1. They establish a routine.
  2. They exercise.
  3. They laugh at themselves.

Successful adaptation doesn’t just happen.  It takes planning, getting out of your comfort zone, and discipline.

Image: My many suitcases and I arriving at our temporary home in Zug, Switzerland.

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I have been blessed with the opportunity to live as an expatriate for more than 2 decades.

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Originally from the countryside of São Paulo state, in Brazil, I have enjoyed life in Kanagawa and Aichi prefectures, in Japan, Boston and San Diego cities, in the United States, São Paulo, Brazil, as an expatriate in my own country, Zurich – Switzerland and most recently Stamford, Connecticut, back to the United States.

As you may guess, I feel the most comfortable within the international community.
ExpatJoy - Passionate Global Living with Sandra Bissell


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