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Here’s How a Sense of Adventure Helps Expats

Most expatriates don’t fear a new adventure. That would contradict their chosen lifestyle.

And a large number of expats seek out and thrive because of their new explorations.

Recently, I was asked how a sense of adventure helped me during my international journey.

Adventure is not hard to experience if you are open to new opportunities, detached from outcome and perfection.
Also, if you are attracted to expanding your boundaries by pushing yourself off your comfort zone, the newness will bring excitement while the immersion into a foreign culture will guarantee the development of new abilities and a boosted self-esteem.

Even though feelings of being uncomfortable are real, they can also be strong motivators and a path to personal development.
The adventure then becomes an intersection of challenge and reward.

I believe that adventure is also entirely personal. And what represents adventure for some, can be tedious, uninspiring, or even frightening, for others.

So, how has my sense of adventure helped me?

Because of my love of going off to the unknown and experience something new, with a curious mind, I learned to see opportunities everywhere.

By being open and adventurous, I got to exercise an eventually mastered essential skills for a woman living between cultures.

I have been able to go through bad days during my international relocations with some joy and certainty because I knew I was learning something of value.
As a result,  I became a more resourceful person.

Once you have understood your sense of adventure, you can use it to your benefit in navigating your expat life and seeing the world from your special perspective.

Life with Joy,

Sandra Bissell

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