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Neuroscience and Change – How to Use our Brain to Navigate Transition

ASK THE EXPAT FRIDAY – Every Friday we feature an active member of the ExpatJoy group on FB  by spotlighting their knowledge and expertise.

This morning, it was my pleasure to interview Terri Werner, one of our dear members, and the founder and President of Energy Flow Consulting.

In this video, Terri teach us How to Use our Brain to Navigate Transition – Neuroscience and Change.

Please refer to the end of the video for her contact information and free gift.

You can request to join the private group by clicking here.

In this video you will learn about:

1. Mental maps;
2. The connection between our brain and our emotions;
3. Conditioned Tendencies that live in our bodies;




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[:pb]Meu nome é Sandra Bissell.
Fui abençoada com a oportunidade de viver como expratriada por mais de 2 décadas.

Algumas das minhas paixões são pessoas, minha família, boas conversas, viajar, comida étnica, dançar e Capoeira, uma arte marcial dançante afro-brasileira.

Originalmente do interior do estado de São Paulo, no Brasil, aproveitei a vida nas prefeituras de Kanagawa e Aichi, no Japão, nas cidades de Boston e São Diego nos Estados Unidos, em São Paulo, Brasil, como expatriada em meu próprio país, Zurich – Suíça e mais recentemente em Stamford, Connecticut, de volta aos Estados Unidos.

Como você pode imaginar, eu me sinto mais confortável com a comunidade internacional.[:en]My name is Sandra Bissell.
I have been blessed with the opportunity to live as an expatriate for more than 2 decades.

Some of my passions are people, my family, good conversations, traveling, ethnic food, dancing and Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian-Martial-Art-Dance.

Originally from the countryside of São Paulo state, in Brazil, I have enjoyed life in Kanagawa and Aichi prefectures, in Japan, Boston and San Diego cities, in the United States, São Paulo, Brazil, as an expatriate in my own country, Zurich – Switzerland and most recently Stamford, Connecticut, back to the United States.

As you may guess, I feel the most comfortable within the international community.[:]
ExpatJoy - Passionate Global Living with Sandra Bissell


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