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It Takes Heart and Spirit to Create Courage

What do heart and spirit have in common? When combined they create courage.

Accordingly to René Brown, originally courage meant “To speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart.”

However, how many women living between cultures dare to speak from our hearts when we first arrive at a new location?

There are many reasons why we may not get to speak our minds as we begin a new chapter in our international lives.

  • We don’t speak the language.
  • We feel like a fish out of water.
  • We worry about what others may think of us.
  • We feel alone and different.
  • And we have lots of fear.

Initially, we may communicate poorly and then; eventually, we will communicate well.
We may feel alone, and with time, and most likely, we won’t feel alone any longer.
We may get lost on our way to the train station, and then, certainly, we will learn our way around town.
We get better at anything, by doing it.

I believe that expats women who desire to adapt and to have fun too, owe to themselves to find ways to share their minds and their spirits, by opening their hearts.

To share our hearts takes overcoming fear, being vulnerable, and having courage. It’s not easy!
But is the most effective path to adaptation and to create a fulfilling life abroad.

Live with joy,

Sandra Bissell

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My name is Sandra Bissell.
I have been blessed with the opportunity to live as an expatriate for more than 2 decades.

Some of my passions are people, my family, good conversations, traveling, ethnic food, dancing and Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian-Martial-Art-Dance.

Originally from the countryside of São Paulo state, in Brazil, I have enjoyed life in Kanagawa and Aichi prefectures, in Japan, Boston and San Diego cities, in the United States, São Paulo, Brazil, as an expatriate in my own country, Zurich – Switzerland and most recently Stamford, Connecticut, back to the United States.

As you may guess, I feel the most comfortable within the international community.
ExpatJoy - Passionate Global Living with Sandra Bissell


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