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Who’s the Leader of Your Life?

My client Frank gave me the best Thanksgiving gift ever. He had a breakthrough that can change the course of his life.

In the many months, we have been working together; Frank has been developing his planning, commitment and focus skills, while increasing his confidence. He enjoyed the inner critic concept so much that he gave it a funny name.

Still, he felt powerless when talking about his future and kept waiting for a miracle to happen.

It was during our last session that Frank had a significant insight. He realized that he is the person behind his wants and therefore responsible for the results he’s getting in life.

Bingo! The transformation away from living at the effect of life began.

Too often, people live at the effect of life’s circumstances. Living “at effect” means having life happen to you, looking outside of yourself and blaming other people or events for your problems.

Personal leadership, on the other hand, starts by acknowledging that we are 100% responsible for our living conditions. And from the mindset that we are at “the cause,” or the ones creating our lives, we can take control, make choices, learn from our mistakes and start our journey to a fulfilling and empowered life.

Live with Joy,

Sandra Bissell

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