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Brag Away for Improved Self-Worth

Today I’d like to spotlight one of the practices I’ve been using and teaching for the last three years.  

In my community, it’s called bragging. When done in a safe space, it’s a tool that allows a woman to openly talk about her accomplishments and be validated by others, without judgment.

It’s easy, yet so hard for many of us.

I’ll model it here and invite you to first try it in front of a mirror.

If you feel comfortable and have people in your life who you trust to be non-judgmental and who you love and loves you, you can practice with them. 

Although I’ve practiced with my husband, I find it more effective when practiced in a women’s circle. 

So, here we go:

  • I brag that (put your brag here).

It’s easier if you start with small things. 

For instance:

  •  I brag that I’m a good gardener. 
  • I brag that I’m a good person.

Observe how your simple brags land in your body.  

When I started practicing bragging, I felt weird, and I kept imagining what other people would think of me. Rationally, I knew it was a practice to help with self-worth, so I persisted. 

Overtime, bragging, always in a safe space, feels good and energizes me. That’s also the experience shared by the women in my support groups. 

So, after trying bragging in front of a mirror and with those you trust, you may feel ready to go deeper and say out loud some more meaningful and powerful brags.

For example:

  • I brag that I’ve created a life I love.
  • I brag that I look incredible in a bikini. 

You got the idea, right? 

To deal with the inner resistance, most of us feel to bragging, add gratitude after your brags.

If you decide to try this powerful tool to improve self-worth, please let me know how it worked for you. 

Have a fantastic Friday! 

Xo, Sandra

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