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When Death Hits Home While We Live Abroad

When we live abroad, far from our family and friends, there is always a risk of losing someone dear to us and not be able to be physically there. A realistic part of the expat’s experience frequently overlooked. A few weeks ago I was filled with consternation as I learned about a new way of […]


WHERE IS HOME? Finding a Home in your New Destination

Finding a home in your new destination.  During my first years abroad, I squarely knew where “my home” was. It was a small city in the countryside of São Paulo state, in my native Brazil. I missed my family and friends, the peculiar musty smell of my tropical city. Oh, and how I missed the […]


How to Deal with Cultural Misunderstandings and Have Fun

As an expatriate or world traveler, it’s important to create an authentic understanding of cultural differences while respecting our own unique individuality and special talents.   Here is something funny that happened to my family last month related to cultural misunderstanding.  A little background, we relocated to the United States six months ago. This is our […]


Expat Life for Me? Life Opportunities and Expats’ Strategies

You’ve just got news that there is an exciting job offer for you or your spouse on the other side of the globe. Maybe, you have been waiting for this opportunity to arrive for a long time. Or perhaps, you didn’t see this coming at all. Either way, these are exciting times. You feel thrilled […]