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Here’s How a Sense of Adventure Helps Expats

Most expatriates don’t fear a new adventure. That would contradict their chosen lifestyle. And a large number of expats seek out and thrive because of their new explorations. Recently, I was asked how a sense of adventure helped me during my international journey. Adventure is not hard to experience if you are open to new opportunities, […]


Why some expats seem to be having so much fun?

Open to the Unexpected It’s exciting and sometimes rewarding being open to the unexpected when we are arriving at a new location. Would you believe if I told you that my husband and I walked into an Alpine Descend of the Cattle Procession without planning? And, that our only intention for Sunday was to take […]


The Secret of Adapting Anywhere

If you arrive at a new destination and keep longing for your prior one, have you arrived at all? Imagine instead, if you land somewhere in the world and feel at home, even temporarily, and create happiness for you and those around you. Aren’t you then starting your transition on the right foot while in […]


I’m a STAR – Spouse Traveling and Relocating Successfully –

I’m currently in the middle of a big life (recent empty-nester) and location transition (moving to Switzerland from the United States), and decided to write daily blog posts and give you a peek into the life of a S.T.A.R. – Spouse Traveling and Relocating Successfully. I like to think that I’ve become a successful S.T.A.R. […]


Three Things Successful Expats Do

When we’re moving to a new destination to embrace a new adventure or just because it’s the best opportunity for our families we often fantasied about our new homes. Our initial assumption is that if it’s abroad, it must be exciting.  But the truth is most new things are appealing because they are a novelty. […]


Why Expat Joy?

ExpatJoy Blog is becoming a reality due to my passion for communication, learning from others and sharing information on living the expatriate life. In my experience, our fellow expatriates are our best source of help and information when it comes to living abroad. There is a sense of camaraderie among the members of this community as […]

successful global nomad mindset

Successful Global Nomad Mindset – Are you Enduring & Surviving but not Thriving?

Your success while living internationally is more related to your level of self-knowledge and your engagement in life than it is to the difficulties presented in day-to-day living. The meaning of success greatly differs from one person to another. Let’s use the  Oxford dictionary’s definition as our starting point. Success is “the accomplishment of an aim […]


Know What You Want and Why It’s Important for Global Nomads

By finding out what we want and learning how to ask for it, global nomads can create drive and purpose during transition, adaptation and everyday life, in any destination. It seems that everyone wants more – more money, more education, more time. Apparently, the only thing most of us don’t want is what we already […]