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How Red Lipstick can Brighten your Day

Like many of you all over the world, I’ve been worrying about the impacts of COVID-19. Yes, I know that worrying isn’t the right course of action. Yet, I worry and feel miserable at times. And, I’m sure I’ll worry about this pandemic again, and again. But for today, for this morning, I choose to […]


Neuroscience and Change – How to Use our Brain to Navigate Transition

ASK THE EXPAT FRIDAY – Every Friday we feature an active member of the ExpatJoy group on FB  by spotlighting their knowledge and expertise. This morning, it was my pleasure to interview Terri Werner, one of our dear members, and the founder and President of Energy Flow Consulting. In this video, Terri teach us How […]


Mary Magdalene in the South of France?!

A big attraction of embarking into the expat lifestyle is the possibility of adventure. Yesterday, Brett (my husband), and I decided to check out a ‘myth’ well spread here in the South of France. It says that a boat with no sails and no oars landed on the shores of Provence, bringing some of Jesus’ […]


I have some exciting news!

Have you heard? I’m moving to France! I haven’t been sharing this news with too many people because for a while I didn’t know what was going to happen to my life.  Perhaps you can relate to my story. For the past year, as you may know, I’ve been preparing to move from the United […]


Holiday Season Abroad and Mixed Emotions

Being away from family and friends can be hard, especially during the holiday season. How can I explain to my aging mother that this year I’ll spend Christmas and New Year’s in my home country, with her grown-up grandkids and my in-laws instead of traveling to see her? I can hear the disappointment in her […]


Who’s the Leader of Your Life?

My client Frank gave me the best Thanksgiving gift ever. He had a breakthrough that can change the course of his life. In the many months, we have been working together; Frank has been developing his planning, commitment and focus skills, while increasing his confidence. He enjoyed the inner critic concept so much that he gave […]


Life Musings

To people watch is a hobby to some of us. You can see this pastime taken place at the numerous cafés at most big cities around the globe. I have to admit that I enjoy watching people too. But, one activity that I really get a kick out of is to listen to people’s stories. […]


The Act of Thanksgiving is an Art

Today, it’s Thanksgiving here in the United States. It’s my favorite American holiday; a whole day dedicated to giving thanks. History tells us that this celebration began when colonists and Native Americans shared an autumn harvest back in the 1600s. Many cultures throughout times shared similar traditions commemorating the bounty of the fall harvest. With […]


Where You are is Perfect

Start where you are. Where you are is perfect. When you’re going through a life transition (divorce, marriage, empty nest,career change, etc.), or a location transition (moving for work, need or joy),  it’s tempting to wait until things settle down, to then work on your goals. If you feel lonely, your furniture shipment is stuck […]


A Perspective on Moving

Did you know that moving is one of the major stressors in life? Surprisedly, it’s known to be one of the top five most stressful life events, along with divorce and the death of a loved one. If that’s so, how postponing settling down during an international relocation can affect expatriate transitions? As I embark […]